Consultations and Therapy

The first (consultation) session is usually directed toward an exploration of why you are requesting services. Dr. Lee will ask for details about the reason for referral and will discuss the goals you wish to accomplish during therapy. Successful therapy requires an agreement between the psychologist and the client to work together. If you decide to proceed with services, Dr. Lee will review the “consent for service,” and discuss the limits of confidentiality. Parents may consent to services for themselves or children under 12 years of age. Persons over 12 years of age must consent to services for themselves.

The format and length of therapy depend on the issues that you would like to address. Some clients resolve their concerns after a few sessions, whereas others have more extensive concerns. It is beneficial to schedule regular weekly appointments to ensure consistency. As the client nears the end of therapy, sessions are scheduled for every other week or monthly.

Depending on the nature of the presenting concerns, therapy may occur with a child, youth, parent, or family, or a combination of these. Therapeutic services are developmentally appropriate and empirically-supported. The specific format of therapy will depend on the presenting concern, the age and development of the client, and the client’s preferences. For children and younger adolescents, the parent is asked to join the session for the last 10 minutes to discuss any concerns that the parent may have.