The first (consultation) session is usually directed toward an exploration of why you are requesting an assessment. Dr. Lee will ask for details about your concerns and the reason for the assessment. Children and youth are usually referred for assessments because they are struggling in school (either academically or behaviourally). It is important to establish the areas of functioning that will be assessed (e.g., intellectual, academic, social, emotional, behavioural) prior to proceeding with the assessment. Dr. Lee will explain the basic format of a psychological assessment, and possible outcomes. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions. If you decide to proceed with services, Dr. Lee will review the “Consent for Service,” and discuss the limits of confidentiality. Parents may consent to services for themselves or children under 12 years of age. Persons over 12 years of age must consent to services themselves. It is strongly advised that parents have children’s hearing and vision assessed prior to an assessment.

The format and length of the assessment depends on the reason for referral and the age of the person being assessed. Assessments usually take between three and four hours. For younger or very active children, it is often preferred to break up the assessment to multiple sessions, whereas for older persons it is preferred to assess in a single session with a break part way through the assessment. It is up to the parent whether the assessment occurs in one or more sessions. It is requested that a parent be available in the office when a child under 12 years of age is assessed. In addition, the parent will be asked to complete a developmental history and may be asked to complete other questionnaires regarding their child’s thoughts, behaviours, and feelings. If there are concerns about the child or youth’s behaviour at school, the parent will be asked to take questionnaires to the teacher, so that the teacher’s observations contribute to the assessment.

After the assessment, Dr. Lee will initially meet with the parent(s) to review the assessment, and then (for clients over 12 years of age) will meet with the child / youth to explain the assessment results in age-appropriate language. The parent(s) will be given a copy of the assessment report, and the parent may choose to share the assessment report with the child or youth’s school. If the parent signs the appropriate documentation, Dr. Lee may be available to speak with school staff by telephone in order to answer questions regarding her assessment and recommendations.